Silkie Chickens


Doesn't get much more fuzzier than this!
Who can resist this face?


If you've never had Silkies in your life, then you are in for a real treat. They are about the most "unchickenlike" chickens you will ever meet. WARNING - It's been said that Silkies are a bit magical and capable of casting a spell to make you want more and more of them! Personally, I just think they are so sweet and lovable that they wiggle their way right into your heart and become a part of you. Either way, they are definitely addictive and you may find yourself coming back to see us again and again to add to your flock. And of course, we are always happy to enable your chick addiction!!

Silkies are a bantam breed and they are classified as “ornamental” because of their beauty and their unique feathering that is silky soft and looks and feels like Angora or Persian cat fur. Our Silkies are the bearded variety so even their faces are fluffy - all the better to cuddle with! We love the unique look of the Silkie but we raise them mainly because of their wonderful and loving personality. They are very social from the day they’re hatched and seem to get along with everything and everyone. Even the roosters are laid back and several can be housed together without any fighting. Silkies are the calmest of all chicken breeds and are easily handled by both children and adults.

Most of our chicks have a secret ambition to become “Lap Chickens” and you may find yourself buying “Chicken Diapers” for your little darlings! (Yes, there really is such a thing as a chicken diaper and they are great. I use them on my little fluffybutt therapy chickens when they visit convalescent homes so we don’t leave any little ‘surprises’ on the bed sheets.)

Silkie hens will happily provide you with eggs for breakfast or set and hatch a brood of chicks while the roosters are busy keeping a sharp eye out for predators. Both will be content to roam your yard grazing on grass and plucking bugs off of your plants. Silkies are non-fliers & easily contained with a 2-3 ft fence.

None of our Silkies are from hatchery stock. We started our line with high quality birds from several reputable Silkie breeders and we've spent several years combining and improving our lines as we work toward our goal of having gorgeous looking birds while maintaining the wonderful sweet and gentle personality that is the trademark of the perfect Silkie. All of our parent Silkies are proven exhibition quality and consistent producers of beautiful show quality chicks – perfect for anyone wanting show birds, 4H/FFA projects and/or just for having some gorgeous yard ornaments running around in your back yard. And, of course, they all make wonderful pets.

We occasionally put some of our gorgeous Silkie chicks up for sale when they are 2-3 wks old. At this stage we know they are healthy, well started, and better able to adjust to the stress of going to a new home. NOTE: Silkies are very social and they do better and are much happier when rehomed and raised with other chicks close to their same age and of like temperament. For this reason, we require a 3 chick minimum so the babies have friends to hang with while they are getting used to their new family and environment.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a business or a hatchery and the health and quality of our birds reflects the loving care and attention they receive on a daily basis. Everyone is fed a good quality feed, with boosters and vitamins during laying season to keep them in condition and help them develop great immune systems which they in turn pass on to their chicks.

We have most standard Silkie colors available, such as blue, black, splash, buff, and partridge, plus we have a few new colors such as porcelain, cuckoo, and paint. We also have a "fun" pen with a mix of colors. This pen is producing some unusual and beautiful colors, such as calico, tortie, sable, porcelain, chinchilla, etc.

The health and welfare of our birds is one of our main concerns, so we don't ship chicks. However, I am happy to share our Silkie gene pool by shipping hatching eggs. If interested, get in touch with me through the contact info below.

If you are interested in our chicks, hatching eggs, or have any questions, please get in touch by email to or give me a call at 916-645-1151. Thanks for looking.

Below are pictures of some of our parent birds (not for sale) and a few of their chicks. Our newest generations start at the top and get older as you scroll down. Some of the birds in the bottom pictures are now retired and living a life of leisure in their own Senior Silkie Party Pen.

Dark Porcelain

Light Blue
Isn't my fuzzy butt cute?

Nice type but color isn't right.

Another nice type, off color.

Love the color of this splash!!

Another cute fuzzy butt!

Excellent Buff

Lots of Fuzz. Bet this is going to be a Frizzled Silkie!

Did I lay these?


This little girl is a real talker.

Tortie Rooster

Calico Rooster

My first Buff Silkie


Nice blacks are hard to get.

BOV at Stockton 2011

Blue Silkie Hen - Won Best of Variety in large class at Stockton PPBA 2010

Partridge Silkie Hen BOV at Stockton PPBA Poultry Show 2009 and 2010

Partridge Silkie Rooster - BOV at Stockton PPBA Poultry Show 2010

Partridge Frizzled Silkie Cockerel - BOV at Stockton PPBA Poultry Show 2010

Porcelain Silkie Pullet - BOV at Stockton PPBA Poultry Show 2010
Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman?
General - R.I.P. 2007

Biggy Bigalow at Bishop's Pumpkin Farm 2006
R.I.P. 2007
I miss you Biggy.

Our Chicks Rock!!!!